Hair Extensions – Give Your Hair a New Look in Less Than 60 Minutes


Starting with perfect hair is an essential aspect of creating a great hair experience, and the second most crucial part is the weave installation. The installation will make the overall hair appearance or ruin it. You run the risk of looking like you are wearing lousy hair, even though you have fantastic hair, but have a bad installation.


This is the most popular form of implementation, but many stylists get this one wrong. A strong sew-in is primarily due to the pattern of the cornrows. This is very important because not only can the weave look lumpy if the cornrows are so tight together, but when you need to clean and moisturize it, you will not have access to your scalp.  You run the risk of seeing your scalp or tracks should the wind blow, or you run your finger through your weave if your cornrows are too far apart. So, if you don’t like the insecurities that come with it, find yourself a decent stylist.

The nice thing about a sew-in is that your hair can be well covered when wearing the weave and have easy access to your scalp. Sew-ins, regardless of the (natural) hair density, can also be worn by anybody. This suggests that a conventional sew-in can work whether you have dense or very thin hair.

In general, you can let your sew-in down every 6-8 weeks, but if your natural hair grows very quickly, you will need to reinstall your weave even faster, which can be handled.

Quick Weave

This is the cheapest way and at home it can be achieved. When done right, it can look natural and can be styled in various ways. The biggest limitations to this technique are that fast weaves are a short-term style that can only be worn for around 3-4 weeks. You will not wash your hair easily when using it, so the weave is stuck or molded to your hair (using a stocking cap). Washing it will cause your hair to develop black goo-balls that are a pain to get out of.

Some forms of virgin hair, such as Brazilian hair, need a little more moisture than other hair types, but you should not use products to moisturize the hair while wearing a quick weave since the products break down the glue, which can allow the tracks to slip.  A quick weave is simple to put on, but it involves the displacement of patients and skills. It must be removed with caution so that the hair can be pulled out by a harsh stylist and inflict irreversible damage to the ends.


It is most fitting for special holidays or activities, and without committing to anything long term, they are able to increase the hair volume and length. You have the right to delete them with clip-ins before you go to sleep.  The cost of extension clips depends on both the form of hair and the brand. Installations can be performed at home, which is excellent, although clips in hair extensions can not be worn for long periods. Clip-ins are not suitable for thin, fine hair since the hair wearer’s clips and base can be too cumbersome or heavy.  Hair only lasts for a few months until used with proper care and maintenance. If not correctly configured, the extensions will fall out, so be mindful of that.

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