Tips for Choosing the Right Length of Hair Extensions

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When it comes to choosing some stylish hair extensions, whether natural or artificial, there are plenty of things to think about, including the colour, the texture and also the length of your hair extensions. All of these will make a huge difference to the final results that you that you will be able to achieve with your look.

When you are thinking in particular about your length of your extensions, the thing that is absolutely essential to do is measure correctly, so you do not end up with too little or too much hair. It is also important to make sure that you measure your hair from that right spot on your head too, in order to be able to calculate the length of the extension that you need.

This is especially important if you are buying artificial or natural clip-in hair extensions, as these are items that you are going to use again and again. For those people having hair extensions bonded in that will be taken out after several months this is not so much of a concern, as if you get it wrong the first time then you will know better for the second time around.

However, natural clip-in hair extensions can be quite costly because of the high quality that they often are, so measuring your hair correctly is of top importance to make sure you do not end up wasting your money.

The first thing to do when measuring for clip-in hair extensions in particular is to measure from where they will be clipped in. This depends on the type of clip-in extension used, as there are extensions which will be worn close to your natural parting and there are some which are simple ponytail attachments that you can clip to the back of your head.

When you have thought about the type of extension you want then you will be in a much better position to start measuring your hair. For regular artificial or natural clip-in hair extensions you will want to start measuring downwards from that area where these extensions are supposed to clip in.

You can do this by simply taking a tape measure and measuring your hair from this particular spot. By rolling out a tape measure downwards you will be able to determine the length that you hope to achieve.

After this you will have a rough idea of the length that will be best for you. Be aware that if you holding your tape measure taut, you will not be accounting for any natural ‘bounce’ of the hair. This can be especially true if you have very curly or wavy hair or want to fasten in curly or wavy hair extensions.

If you are looking to have curly or wavy extensions with bounce, consider the fact that you will need to perhaps add an extra couple of inches to your measurement. For straight hair this is not so much of a concern, but be sure to consider the style that you are going to wear your hair in when you are making a measurement.

It is important to know that all types of hair extensions, including clip-in ones and bonded ones, come in standard lengths, and some typical lengths twelve to fourteen inches, sixteen to eighteen inches, twenty to twenty-two inches, and even twenty-six inches.

These are just a few tips for getting the right length hair extensions for you. Be sure to know which extension that you want in the first place, and the style that you will wear your hair, and then measure from the place where the hair extension is designed to be fixed. This will give you valuable information for when you get around to buying your gorgeous new extensions.